Civil War Forts

Forts used during the American Civil War

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Fort Gaines (Alabama)

Located on the  eastern tip of Dauphin Island, off the Gulf coast of Alabama, stand  the well-preserved ramparts of Fort Gaines which have guarded the entrance to Mobile Bay for more than 150 years.

 For centuries before, the island had been popular with  Native Americans who went there to fish, hunt and gather oysters and other shellfish that grew in profusion in Mobile bay. Traces of their presence can still be seen today at Shell Mound Park on the Island’s north shore.

Fort Morgan (Alabama)

Located on Mobile Point at the end of Fort Morgan Peninsula, this fortress was first established as Fort Bowyer during the War of 1812.

Constructed by the U.S. Army in April, 1813, the fort’s objective was to guard against possible British attack.

The “fort” was comprised of an earth and wood redoubt and was named for Colonel John Bowyer, who was in charge of completing the construction in 1814.