Camp Crittenden (Arizona)


Camp Crittenden (1867-1873)  was named for Colonel Thomas L. Crittenden, who commanded the 32nd Infantry at the battles of Shiloh, Stone River, and Chickamauga during the Civil War.

The fort was established on August 10, 1867. Located at the head of Davidson Canyon, just west of present-day Sonoita, Arizona, Camp Crittenden was built adjacent to the site of Fort Buchanan.

The purpose of the fort was to protect settlers in the Babocomar, Sonoita, and Santa Cruz Valleys, and saw much action during the Apache Wars especially between the years 1870 and 1871. 

This fort was closed on June 1, 1873. Very little remains of this post; mostly crumbling adobe and mounds of earth that were once barracks walls. It is located on private land in Santa Cruz County, Arizona.